• Enhance your decision making with the Analytical Panels
  • More than 60 objects available for designing your own dashboards and reports
  • Create your applications with easy development. No consulting needed
  • More freedom for using your creativity and exploring your business

SaaS - Pay for what you use

The best cost-benefit relation
Our product is 100% in the cloud, and it doesn't use your local resources
Não requer aquisições, minimizando o seu risco
SaaS pay-as-you-go.
Pague apenas pelos recursos usados no período.
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Demo Applications

Try the beMemo applications

Take a look at how easy it is to use beMemo and
optimize decision intelligence in your business.
You don't need an account to watch it.
Access it now


Embed beMemo in your product

If you're part of a software-house, an integrator or consultant, you can benefit from a partnership with us.

We offer: an embeddable and customizable version, reselling policies and specialized consultants.

Embed the analytical power o beMemo into your products.
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Use it by yourself, without needing IT specialists

Create personal and departmental applications, from spreadsheets and files.

The analysis are created and updated live, from the databases you've selected and your panels
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IT tool

New uses for IT

Use beMemo for replacing your existing portals,
with significant economy. You can also use it as a Sandbox environment or
Agile BI and for public and operational portals with
optimal cost-benefit and performance.
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Expand the scope of your business' analytical capacity

BeMemo has Tablet and Smartphone versions
that allow users to navigate and search their
applications, in real time.
You can use it in any browser and platform such as
Android*, iOS* and MS Windows*.
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Analytical Intelligence

Transform data into information
and intelligence, applied to your business

  • Integrated Analysis
  • Informing / Summarizing
  • Comparison / Projections
  • Signal / Alerts
  • Make your decision processes easy
  • Anticipate gains and losses
  • Plan and monitor
  • Measure and optimize performance
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Ready-to-use templates

Accelerate distribution and implementation
of analytical portals

Use our ready-to-use templates for distributing
applications to your customers and users.
Our templates are available at the beMemo Store
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