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Enterprise Resource Planning

Its financial operations controlled more efficiently.


ERP manages a number of key business operations:

Budget Issue




Bills to pay

Bills to receive

Cash flow

Issuance of Service Notes

Direct document attachment in accounts
payable and receivable

Exporting data and documents

Management of recurring service contracts

Invoices Issue

It is ideal for Small Business, especially the service segment.

Learn how to benefit from using an ERP system.

Keep all records of your company and have access whenever you need.

Exchange information with your meter quickly by exporting data and documents in seconds

Get visibility into operations and extract important reports about your business.

Manage your business without the hassles of not having information for quick decision making.

It is easily configurable

It features an intuitive user interface and allows you to view financial results in
your main work window.

All of this gets even better in conjunction with Accountify other tools

Thinking about the future

With constant government changes and market demands, using technology is essential to the financial health, maintenance and expansion of micro and small businesses.

ERP keeps all information structured and helps companies achieve their goals, regardless of the size of the business.

key Features

Taxes retention

Bills to pay

Bills to receive

Cash flow

Bank reconciliation

Purchasing Management

Taxes retention

Posting invoices accounts
payable from the order

Receipt of material
with stock entry

Sales management


Sales Requests

Posting to Accounts
Receivable from
Sales Order

Material delivery
with stock exit

Invoice issuance

Purchasing Management


All essential registrations for operations are made in
intuitive forms.

Product / service registration

Account registration

Supplier Registration

Customer base

Business registration

Membership Registration

Document Registration

Conveyor Registration

Other Resources

Product Inputs and Outputs
(Inventory control)

Inventory management is done from the purchase tickets and the revenues. Include how many stocks necessary and define the form of control of the items: by series, lot, expiration date and manufacturing. Make sales for future deliveries if it is not a controlled product.

Inventory replenishment and accounts payable

Include purchase orders and enter the stock and accounts payable in a way automatically.

Control of demands
(budgets and orders)

Budgets can be converted into orders approved, or you can create direct an order including all conditions of the sale, delivery and billing.


Billing takes place from the registration of recurrences or from of a sales order. In this stage the controls the outputs of the and accounts receivable. It also enables delivery.


An invoiced order can be delivered partially or completely. On delivery, the validation is done of the configured control type in the product registration.

Recurring services / contracts

Service companies may automate the flow of billing and billing for recurrent services. The system controls and delivers invoices and manages the receipts related to the contract signed

Time management

Contract terms are also managed from alerts and identification of contracts in the anniversary period and renovation.

Financial management (Accounts payable and Accounts receivable)

Controls automatically and manually generated accounts receivable and payable. Keeps up-to-date accounts, performs invoice downloads manually or from bank integration or with payment gateways. Allows transfer between system accounts and link with cost center.

Visibility of operations / Cash flow

View quickly and easily various forms of operations financial statements of all registered accounts. Get the Flow planned, planned and accomplished; Cash Flow analytical and synthetic

Posting / Account Statement Analysis

Analyze the accounts from the extract of system moves.

OFX Bank Reconciliation

Reconciliation can be done quickly from the OFX file. Import the files and easily identify the postings (waiting for release)


Issue checks in the American standard. Create your own layout or print checks from standard form.

Invoice / invoice issue

Analyze the accounts from the extract of system moves.

Issuance of receipts

Reconciliation can be done quickly from the OFX file. Import the files and easily identify the postings (waiting for release)

Access profiles by role

Enable the user in at least one role so that he can work in ERP. There are more than 10 different profiles for more efficient control.

Panels with quick visualization of financial obligations

Different reports and graphs are available according to the function. This allows a quick view of the main operations of the user, such as accounts payable in the day, accounts receivable in the day, among others.

Billing Notifications
and Wage Alerts

Set up your automatic billing notifications and have the system send alerts for close to maturity or past due bills.

Miscellaneous Reports

Miscellaneous reports are made available according to the user's role.

Inventory Management

Inventory record

Registration of products and services

Product composition

Supplier Registration

Measurement units register

Measurement units register

Stock in and out control

Report Management


Financial reports

Inventory reports

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