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Business Process Management

Turn manual routines into Automated processes.


The flexibility and ability to integration with other tools, causes internal processes implemented withagility, and the results are surprising.

It allows for various ways of attribution that make the process more intelligent and dynamic.

Add more efficiency to your process by applying SLA in steps and assigning calendar to the process.

BPM increases team efficiency, reduces task execution times, sets standards for each business rule, and among many other benefits, it dramatically reduces paper consumption.

BPM Features

Creating custom forms

Create forms and link them to processes using the creator of BPM form that contemplates the various types of fields for thecomposition of form scan be easily refurbished to meet the needs in each step of the flow.

Creating Public Variables

Make the contents of the forms in datathat can lead processes and meet the business rules in each moment in the flow design.

Definition of units organizational (area, department of costs, groups, company)

Define the structure company's organizational and make BPM understand them making deliveries to the responsible for each task of the flow or manage through groups and users.

External link for initiation of cases

Initiate cases from input forms integrated into your website or links sent via email to the initiators of the process.

Creating Dynamic Users

Allows external users to participate in the process specific moments and while the case is active. Requires manual management of users.

Parallel streams

Create parallel processes and management of flows and smarter and more complete.

Manual, cyclical, self-service, by variable, per value per unit organizational

Various forms of attribution which make the process more intelligent and dynamic.

Task box

Area for the execution of the tasks a executed. Allows receive assignments direct to the logged in user such as queued jobs which can be claimed and assigned to the current user.

Advanced Process Search

Check cases using filters to recover processes of different forms. Find all the cases in a given step, everything that is attributed to a user, a history list of a case, make filters by variables, easily identify cases critical or deadlocked deadlines.

Viewing history of cases

Review all the steps in a case, identify assignment dates, users involved, completed tasks and outstanding.

Parametrization and control of times assigned to each assignment

Add more efficiency to your process by applying SLA in steps and assigning calendar for a process. Include valuable controls for the management and ensure that tasks are delivered to the deadlines.

Advanced Process Search

Receive alerts when cases are critical or expired. Send notifications by email before or after a task. Inform the user when a new task is attributed to it.

Ability to redirect cases from SLA status

Let the system take decisions from the compliance with deadlines phases. Keep track of tasks terminated by the SLA.

Reassignment of cases by supervisor

Redirect activities easily from the supervision and avoid accumulation of tasks for users or that the processes stop because Someone from the team was absent.

Cancellation of cases of according to profile or supervisor

The supervisor has autonomy to cancel and reactivate cases when necessary.

Business calendar

Create work calendars for your teams and assign the timing of processes for SLA control.

Hierarchy notifications on process from the SLA

Notify users of the task, management users (responsible by organizational units of the task), managers of the next task, or specific users, from the SLA interactions.

Indexing of documents in the ECM from forms of the BPM

All documents may be included in the platform to from BPM, and are indexed automatically by flow variables defined in the assigned forms in the processes and in the stage of inclusion of documents.

Direct document capture on ongoing process

The documents may be digitized, linked or imported into the directly in the Browser or via App and although the capture is through BPM, they are owned by ECM and serve both to processes and to users who work with content.

View documents linked to the process from of BPM

The documents of the proceedings are viewed internally without the need to download files to the machine of the users, for the following formats: pdf, png, jpg, tif, txt, xml, video files and audio files as well can be processed internally. Other formats can be normally managed, but are not supported by viewer.

Integration with banks of external data

During the execution of the cases, bank information can be imported to popular forms or validate rules of business. This feature is widely used because it allows standardize information and reuse them in a way that intelligent.

Web Services Integration

Specific integrations can be implemented via the Web Services, such as: triggering processes from ERP routines, return of BPM data to the the ERP or any other application, etc ...

Integration with BI for creation of analysis panels, statistics and reports

The data generated from the workflows can be configured and synchronized with BI (BI) allowing feed portals with more than 60 analysis models, graphs and reports automatically.

Process Supervision

Name managers / managers for flows designed and allow them to monitor the execution of all the tasks in progress and interact in process time to take actions that ensure the meeting deadlines defined.

Graphical display of process progression

Understand the progress of the case looking at the flow drawing with the identification of steps completed, the current step and accomplish.

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