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Enterprise Content Management

Turn your business into a Digital workplace


Centralize the information in aonly place, eliminate the use of paperand manual processes.

Archive and share document with departments with more speed and safety.

Find archived documents in seconds using combinations of indexing filters,attributes or into the folder.

ECM Features

ECM Features

Local and decentralized capture 100% web.

Scanning of documents via scanner, webcam or compatible with the TWAIN driver. The creation of documents may occurfrom scanningbrowser.

Download documents

Download document with several files at once

Flexible folder structure

Create folders and set the access permissions, simple like this.

Content Access Profile

The system administrator has all permissions on the content, but users may havelimited access to content you need to access and your needs.

Creation of Indexing Sheets (Electronic Forms)

Create index cards that better meet your need. Simple and fast. The sheets are not linked toa folder, can be used to archive content across the structure created. This is more flexibility and allows you to find content anywhere in the world with a single search.

Process Integration

Content in ECM gives support for activities manuals and processes automated. It is not only a repository but serves as a smart way to all areas and workflows designed.

Advanced search

Find the documents archived using combinations of indexing or find direct in the folder.

Advanced Audit

Quickly find out everything happened with a record or stored document.

Control of Consumption of Storage and Users

Know what is being consuming and better control resources.

Integration with Microsoft Office (drag and drop)

A simple and objective way archiving documents that have already are in your station job. Drag and drop,search from a folder on the network or a URL

Creating documents with multiple file formats

Images are important, but there are many other file formats that are treated daily business, for Therefore, the concept of ECM content is differentiated, allows you to create the document and attach or capture / scan files from any format, so you everything is manageable and secure, ready to be used.

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