Information security

Unsurprisingly, technology has evolved in recent decades. The process is so fast that we have the feeling that a "world" is born every day, every hour, every second, so are the products and services that arise in this universe, but many concerns arise and disturb us, as the security of information. Where is our data, our photos, our videos, our money?

In the business world the concerns are the same, and we can only take into account the security of everything that is generated in the business environment. Leaving aside, or not giving due importance, can lead us to disastrous events that, in one simple translation, mean financial loss, lawsuits, unhappy customers, breach of trust, and damaged image.

Information security is an important factor and one that needs to be analyzed thoroughly and carefully. According to subject matter experts, there are four key points that companies should take into consideration:

1st. INTEGRITY - how accurate, secure this information is, what methods are used to process it;

2nd CONFIDENTIALITY - how open your information is, what security levels are applied that guarantee access to this information only by authorized persons, and how well this process is tracked (who, when, where);

3rd AVAILABILITY - Guaranteed access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;

4th AUTHENTICITY - Identification and security of the origin of the information.

In addition to document and process management, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, coupled with modern data center providers, have levels of integrity, confidentiality, availability, and authenticity that enable companies to share your information securely and quickly.

ECM and BPM solutions in cloud computing are increasingly used in the world market, as they reduce costs and increase corporate efficiency, as investments in equipment, links and software are no longer internal but rather of these specialized providers, and access to information is made anywhere on the planet, including by units
(smartphones and tablets) as long as they have internet access. In Brazil, developers of ECM and BPM solutions have teamed up with data center providers, offering complete cloud computing solutions, delivering much more than software and hardware, delivering products and services that deliver an average of 99.5% of access that, under strict controls by providers and companies,
are easily bypassed, avoiding inconvenience to users.

Join thousands of companies being impacted by the Bememo platform in over 50 countries.

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