Why does automating processes have to be complicated?

By Lecivania Martins

Increasingly, the market is looking for tools that are easily accessible, easy to manage, and quickly deployable to improve business processes.

Nothing very basic because it ends up not meeting the needs, but nothing complex, because complexity increases costs and causes dependence ... lol is not damn okay guys ....

No one likes not having the freedom to change processes when they need adjustments, as everything changes and it's great to know that the tools we use are flexible and easy to the point of allowing us "solo career". Better yet, be assured that tomorrow I can change my mind and improve my processes without burdening the company budget.

Knowing about best practices and getting a good training of the chosen tool will make all the difference, even better if you or someone on your team has good process logic and knows automation needs well.

The tool itself also plays a key role because it is not enough to design processes, they need to work without any programming logic. Having a good system partner is important because while you want freedom, the level of support and attention you receive from the vendor will ensure your team's success in transferring appropriate know-how, usually not enough training to master 100%, That's why a joint implementation of one or two processes makes all the difference.

An automated process should improve the way people work. The system is now guiding and controlling deliveries, and users only perform, however, not everyone naturally accepts a new way of handling information and a new method of control, so automating processes works much better when Project leaders simplify and engage people without losing the implementation team, good communication and an influential relationship break resistance and make it easier to achieve goals.

A process implementation should be quick, even if it later undergoes improvements, so you should answer the following questions before starting automation:

-What process (where does it start and where does it end)? It should not be a macro process, but a smaller process.

What difficulties should be resolved?

- Will there ever be a need to integrate? Will this be critical to the first version, or can it be done in a second version?

What will be the company's earnings from automating this process?

-What changes will be noticed by the end user.

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