7 advantages of a system for law firms

The organization of deadlines and documents is often the main need for finding a system for law firms. Professionals accustomed to working under the pressure of honoring all deadlines and living under a mountain of papers know the value of a digital file. In that sense, automation software can come in handy.

Which lawyer never lost a document? The tangle of roles requires an organization, sometimes superhuman, to be administered. That, not counting the deadlines. Which legal professional has never missed an important deadline because of the excess of information he deals with daily?

More than a problem of order, managing the documentary content is fundamental for the management of operational costs. According to recent statistics, 20 to 35% of the expenses related to the generation of new revenues are caused by the poor quality of data management. This could be avoided if 1% of that amount was invested in a system for law firms.

In addition, according to an article by Thomas Redman, a columnist at Harvard Business Review, professionals even lose 50 percent of their time hunting, identifying and validating disorganized data.

If time is money, legal service providers without a system for law firms are missing out on both. It is natural that at first a small business in this segment does not have all the tools it needs. However, it is necessary to watch the signs of the times and take advantage of the wave of the digital revolution to digitize its operations.

But, would cost and time be just the tip of the iceberg? Certainly. There are a lot more possibilities for companies that adhere to the automation of their business content. In an increasingly computerized world, operating without adequate platforms is a real disadvantage in the face of competition. Who can unseat the power of technology?

For these and other reasons, see 7 facilities that a system for law firms can make feasible to speed the life of legal professionals:

Eliminates risk of missed deadlines

Whether they are due dates, renewals, suspensions, cancellations of contracts or any other type, they are among the biggest daily concerns. Especially if the professional is from the legal area, a content management tool can help honor those deadlines so pressing in this area.

Because automated systems manage all enterprise content, you can customize them to trigger alerts when deadlines expire. In this way, you avoid the hassle of losing a vital date for your reputation with a client.

Reduces operational costs

As stated earlier, having an enterprise content management system - such as ECM - can greatly contribute to reducing operating costs. In the case of law firms, the maintenance of physical files can be very costly. After all, the time spent by your employees to handle all the office content is worth a lot of money.

Expenditures with local storage infrastructure are also added. At this point, it is worth considering that even having a digital file, having a computerized system operating in the Cloud can eliminate huge spending on local servers. It pays to stop for a minute and consider how much you have spent with all the paperwork. Is it worth continuing with it?

Provides greater security of information

In addition to deadlines and costs, there is also the aspect of security. How great are the chances of loss, loss, erasure, among other mishaps related to documents? On the other hand, when content is stored digitally, the chances of these events occurring are much lower.

When it comes to data in the Cloud, security is even greater. The data on a back-up device may be lost, but in the Cloud security is complete. Not to mention that, in the digital world, access can be limited in the most convenient way, ensuring that only the right people have the documents they need.

Decrease paper usage

"Paperwork" may well be synonymous with inefficiency. Not only does it consume space, but it creates confusion over large volume and sets up an unsustainable option. Today, it is possible to limit the use of paperwork to a minimum or even, in certain circumstances, eliminate its use altogether.

A content management system makes it possible to document documents from one user to another, literally, at the speed of light. No spend time and resources with prints, shipping and validation of printed documents. In the digital era, all of this is done within a computerized platform that automates all tasks.

Increases team productivity

This brings us to another benefit of a system for law firms. It's about having the right document, at the right time and from wherever you are. Nowadays, it is possible to manage and visualize data whenever necessary, even when you are out of the office, via mobile. This makes it possible to have productivity and a response time to very high demands.

Managing information through content management systems allows lawyers to have direct access to their entire database. Therefore, if information is power, the professional empowers himself with a distinct volume of information accessible at high speed. The best thing is that such productivity is reflected in customer satisfaction.

Improves the level of customer satisfaction

Getting "owed" information to a customer can be embarrassing. How many times did the lack of a system lead to embarrassment? Staying empty-handed while the client waits for the answer to a questioning may sound wrong. On the contrary, with an ECM platform, the requested information could be provided in the act, quickly.

Such a device strengthens your image before the customer. He comes to see you as an efficient and resourceful professional. But above all, if he is attended to promptly and have his problem solved with more speed, he will be one step closer to loyalty. Use technology to your advantage: it is indispensable for the improvement of your results at all levels.

It is a capital step towards Digital Transformation

Last but not least, the automation of data from your office is a huge step for your Digital Transformation. Follow the wave of this revolution: it is not just a trend, but an opportunity in which your biggest competitors are embarking.

How to begin? Forget the manual storage of data in passive tools like spreadsheets and text files. Scan your content with computerized platforms to make your work faster and more satisfying to customers. By following this step, you will make your law firm more competitive ahead of the market.

Do I need a lot of money to buy a system?

Contrary to what one might think, even small offices just entered the market can acquire platforms like ECM. Obviously, it is necessary to search for software companies with the best offer and price. Remember that this is not a new expense, but an investment for your productivity, with a good margin of return.

Start your search here:

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7 advantages of a system for law firms

7 advantages of a system for law firms

The organization of deadlines and documents is often the main need for finding a system for law firms. Professionals accustomed to working under the pressure of honoring all deadlines and living under a mountain of papers know...

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